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Since V-brakes use the side of rim as contact point, and diameter of a rim is significantly larger than brake rotor’s (in disc brake), overheating won’t usually be a problem. V-brakes have also a lighter structure than disc brakes. These brakes will also cause less stress to bikes frame than disc brakes.

Bike Brake Maintenance

DISAdvantages of V-Brake


Breaking efficiency won’t as good as with disc brakes, where the materials used in braking components are designed only for breaking. In V-brakes other characteristics, such as weight, of the material play more important role. Simply because a rim is so much larger than braking rotor, using heavier metal would increase the weight of bike too much.

V-brakes are also vulnerable to weather changes. Rain and dust decrease friction between brake shoes and rim. This is also the case with disc brakes and can only be avoided by using drum brakes, where the whole braking system is covered. Nevertheless, the last contact point is always between tire and road (or other terrain). Slippery terrain will reduce your braking efficiency – no matter what kind of brakes you are using.

Advantages of V-Brake