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Icetech is a brand owned and manufactured by Shimano. It is designed to conduct heat better than competing series – according to Shimano by one hundred Celsius degrees. It’s being used mainly in mountainbiking, from trails to downhill and freeride. 

Shimano offers Icetech parts for levers, calipers, pads and rotors. The available series are naturally the freeride sets Zee and Saint as downhill is where you need the most endurance and performance from your bike brakes. Icetech is also available for SLX, XT and XTR series.

How does Icetech improve heat conduction?

Braking creates friction between pads and rotor, so naturally those are the components you have to pay attention to when you want to reduce heat in brakes. Better heat management increases braking power and decreases wear in pads. You can mix Icetech components with others, but for the full heat reduction effect, calipers, pads and rotors are recommended.


Shimano Icetech pads have two special characteristics for improved heat management. First, the pad has and alloy frame. Secondly, it comes with integrated cooling fins. Icetech pads are somewhat more expensive than “regulars”, but still under 20$. 


The Icetech rotors are constructed from three layers: the middle layer is alloy for better heat conduction, whereas the outer layers are steel for more efficient braking performance. Naturally, the outer layers are in contact with the pads. This solution does unfortunately bring on some extra weight. Rotors are mounted with 6 bolt and 44mm PCD. Icetech rotors are available in 160mm, 180mm and 203mm sizes.



The special feature with the calipers is mainly that they are designed to be compatible with Icetech brakepads. Loyal to Shimano’s ways, pads are fit from the top. 

If you wish to find out more about how bike brakes work, visit here.

What is icetech?

Pads are available as organic and metallic. If you need more info about the difference, visit here. Shimano Icetech brake pads are compatible with following Shimano brakes:

  • BR-M9000
  • BR-M9020
  • BR-M987
  • BR-M985
  • BR-RS785
  • BR-M785
  • BR-M675
  • BR-M666
  • BR-M615
  • BR-S700
  • BR-R785