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Hub brakes are durable and don't need to be maintained often, as there are no brake pads or cables involved.

Hub Brakes

If maintenance is needed, coastal brakes can be difficult to fix. Also the ability to cope with heat is poor. In long descents you may "run out of brakes" and lubricant in the hub can burn. 

In case your chains brakes - you lose all brakes.

When removing rear wheel, you have to remove reaction arm first (usually just one bolt, but still).

Hub - or coastal brakes - are probably the best brakes to stand weather. Whole brake works within the hub, and is thus unaffected by wet conditions or dust and mud. In case they do have to be maintained (which they usually don't), it can be trickier than disc or rim brakes, because you have to dismantle the hub. 

Coastal brakes are operated through pedals - not levers. The connection from feet to brake is through cranks and chain, so there are no cables involved.

DISAdvantages of Hub brakes


Advantages of Hub brakes

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