Bike brake maintenance

Basic maintenance instructions, tips and tricks for bicycle brakes. Instructions with pictures available behind the respective links.

By performing these operations you'll improve your bike's braking performance back to the level it was when the bike was new. These are not very expensive operations if you do them yourself.

Bleed brakes

Save a ton of money and bleed your brakes yourself. Many people think it's complicated, but to be honest anyone with basic technical skills can bleed bike brakes. Bleed kit helps, but can be done without one as well.

Change brake pads - disc brakes

Learn how to change your brake pads. Release pin, throw in a new set - good to go.

Change brake pads - V-brakes

See how you can change brake pads for v-brakes. Basic procedure, that every man can do. 

Change brake cables

If you are using cable operated brakes, it might be smart to change the cables every now and then. Brake cables cost just a few bucks, but can increase your bike's braking performance significantly.

Fix bent rotor / uncentered caliper

Fixing a bent rotor is so easy, it's not even fun anymore.

How bike brakes work

Learn how bike brakes work.

Disc brakes

Discover how disc brakes work. Main focus on this page is on hydraulic bike brakes.


See how V-brakes operate. 

Hub brakes

Hub brakes are probably the most complicated bike brakes available. On the other hand they need perhaps the least maintenance.

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All about bike brakes


Some general articles related to bike brakes, including Q&A where you can ask us about bike brakes.

Brake issues Q&A

Find solutions to common bike brake problems. Or ask!

Organic vs metallic pads

Should I buy organic or metallic bike brake pads? Depends where you ride.

Brake fluids and mineral oil

Do I have DOT brake fluid or mineral oil? What are the differences?

Brake componen manufacturers

There's a wide range of part sets available from a few world wide suppliers for bike brakes. This is where you find out the Shimano and SRAM part ranking.


Shimano's Icetech came out a while ago.